​​Carly Lehwald.
it's me, it's where i'll be. Get to know me, and enjoy my silly, serious, whitty self. 


Carly Lehwald, of the ABC Family docu-follow Becoming Us, is a Trans woman from the Chicagoland area. She transitioned publicly in 2012, after 9 years of planning and preparation, and says that experience has been the healthiest part of her life so far. Heart problems in early 2015 lead to her new found passion of advocacy and activism within and on behalf of the transgender community. 
Produced by Ryan Seacrest, Becoming Us focuses on the struggles with relationships and coming to terms with loving each other, not in spite of Lehwald transitioning but in support of it. The show itself was her son, Ben’s idea. It was a platform for Ben to tell their story, with the intention of helping others. Becoming Us presented the whole family with a rich and beautiful opportunity to be of service to others. Lehwald especially appreciates serving the trans community through open discussion via speaking engagements, social media and putting people together to support each other. 
Although Lehwald has experienced some adversity, her faith and the belief that she is here to be of service is what keeps her going through hard times. She strives to raise awareness and educate the GLB community and the general public about transgender people, and help them co-exist with understanding, love and compassion. “I am earnestly seeking to see a time come when legislation and government protections are not required because as a society we have been able to move beyond that need, to a time when we can respect others, and even celebrate the diversity which makes our world beautiful.” 
Lehwald currently works in Inclusive Diversity for a large insurance company performing computer forensics, electronic discovery and data loss prevention. She has been in Information Technology for the past 25 years. She has three amazing children, Sutton, Ben and Nick. She currently lives in Chicago with her cat, Boba.